Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The South Shore Quilt

My sister Dori and her husband Rob spend lots of their vacation time in the Maritimes, specifically Nova Scotia, and over the last two summers she has worked on this beauty of a quilt, which she appropriately named The South Shore Quilt.

She started the blocks years ago with the intent of making some baby quilts for a local shelter. After sitting on the blocks for a few years she realized that she had enough to make a full sized quilt.

That gorgeous sashing fabric is Twilight Peony from Amy Butler and she found it in Atlantic Fabrics in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. She remembers the sales clerk looking at her as though maybe she was losing it when she asked her opinion about using it, but she bought it anyway and I think it works beautifully (totally love that fabric!). So, with a little art direction from Benny, she laid it out last summer and put it together last winter in Toronto.

Don't you just love those ears??!

She arranged to have it machine quilted by Lynn Jones when they were out east again this Spring and it is now happily being used on their bed. It's oversized, so apparently no need to fight for the blankets. She needed more of the peony print to bind it with and, as luck would have it, there was still some on the shelf when she went back this Spring.

The back is pieced as well and I think a great complement to the blocks on the front. She has beautiful peonies in her garden so it was nice to be able to get a few pics of it while they were in season. Word is that Benny is still very fond of it. :).....M


Susan said...

It's a lovely big quilt. Benny did very well with the layout!

Kyle said...

That is gorgeous fabric to use for the sashing. Hard to believe there was still some left at the shop after a year, but good,luck for your sister!

marina said...

Your sister's quilt looks great, the border fabric does look a little busy on its own but looks great with the blocks.
The real peonies in front look wonderful

Anne said...

A lovely piece of art indeed. Sweet dreams!

bettyb said...

Dori -- LOVE the back -- that has inspired me.

Dori Burchat said...

Thanks for the post Marie, it was nice to get this quilt finished and on the bed!