Friday, September 18, 2015

I've Been Holding Out On You

There's not much point in taking photos to share if you don't share them, is there? I've been so Christmas obsessed lately that I totally forgot about wanting to show you Betty's Fruit Salad.

On the Labour Day weekend she had it off the frames and out at the cottage to show us. What. A. Beauty!

It's not bound yet, but it she did manage to snuggle under it on the hammock for a delightful nap. I think it passed the test.

Totally hand pieced and hand quilted, it is a work of art. She has used colour placement perfectly and you just want to keep exploring all of the different fabrics in it.

This is one of the corners - she's done them all in blue and it's a great combination with that fabulous red print that she used for the border.

She worked with the floral design when laying down her quilting pattern in the border. It's almost like a kantha quilt -  intricately stitched with a little boho-leaning feel to it.

I could have taken tons more photos of it - you get totally drawn in by it. I did mean to get a photo with this one together with Jane's version that I showed you a few weeks ago so that you could see them side by side. I'll do that once this one is bound, and I'll also get a full view of it for you. In the meantime, enjoy this riot of colour....M


audrey said...

So gorgeous! The stitching is a wonderful touch.:)

Kyle said...

Hand pieced and hand quilted....Wow!

Lynn Koeppen said...

Beautiful, rich colors! Great job!

bettyb said...

Still not sure of the blue corners -- I usually take a more conservative approach to trimming. Loved working with this palette, tho.