Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Coming Together

Shortly after I showed you my progress on Country Charmer a few posts ago I finished putting all of the sashing and blocks together, so it's really starting to look like a quilt top.

I laid it out on the bed to see everything together, but also to get a sense of how deep I need to make my borders. I'm still lovin' it!

When I was chatting with Dori about it on the weekend I got to thinking that maybe I should have it quilted and then make that into a duvet cover; need to think on that one some more.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Even though the holidays are still a few months away I've kept it draped over a chair in our bedroom until I get back to it just so that I can enjoy it. The Official Cookie Tester likes it too.

And this is why I haven't yet begun the borders for it. I'm continuing to madly sew nine patch blocks together for my Nantucket border with an eye on the end of the month. It's more than half done and if I had a good block of time that I could sit down at it things would speed along, but I'll take the progress so far.

I'm sewing the border together in sections so that I'm not playing with a huge long piece all the time and I'll eventually join them all. My design wall is a little short for a full quilt so I've just turned under the top pieces, but you get the idea....M


marina said...

Oh My Marie,
they are both gorgeous!!!
great going.

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Woot! Woot! Another Country Charmer comes to life!

Lynn said...

Marie, your Country Charmer is so beautiful. Well done!

Kate said...

Your Country Charmer is so beautiful!!

audrey said...

Both are coming together very well! Love all that red.:)

Kyle said...

I continue to love both of those quilts.

barbara woods said...


Mayleen said...

Wow, I love them both! Always attracted to red quilts.