Saturday, September 05, 2015

Hand Work

Summer is going out with a bang and we've been enjoying our last few visits to the beach to soak it all in. The water's starting to get a bit chilly because we've had a few cooler evenings, but it's always fun to go in for a refreshing late afternoon dip. Afterwards we sit, enjoy the view of the beautiful Ottawa River, and read, and I usually stitch.

Seeing quick progress on my Country Charmer has been wonderful but it's always a nice break to step away from the machine and pick up my hand stitching.

As an added bonus, we pass a quilt shop en route to the beach so the other night when I realized that I had left my needle at home an 'emergency' stop at the shop meant no down time :). With this being a long weekend, and a weather forecast that is hot and sunny, I am hoping that there will be a few more stars added to the pile soon.

This morning I've been experimenting with making my own granola. Betty gave me a delicious bag for my birthday that she had made and I stretched it out as long as I could - it was soooo good. I just love it on my fruit and yogurt. No oatmeal, just a combination of nuts, flax and sesame seeds, and coconut slow roasted with a bit of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup; afterwards I mixed in some dried cherries and candied ginger and orange peel. I'll have to see how close I've come to matching Betty's....M


Susan said...

Stitching stars at the beach in the late afternoon sounds idyllic! What size are the blocks, they don't look very big.

Anonymous said...

Marie was such an enjoyable afternoon spent in your company stitching. xo Lindy