Monday, July 13, 2015

Window Shopping

I had admired Lynn's Country Charmer pattern for quite some time before seeing this photo in one of her posts just after Christmas a few years ago. It sealed the deal. I wanted a Christmas quilt and this was going to be it. When I asked her permission to use this shot she kindly obliged. She said that it had been hung in the window at In Between Stitches for a car commercial that was filmed in Livermore when the photo was taken. Apparently, the producer wanted the downtown decorated for Christmas, so everyone happily obliged, and when the commercial aired she and Mr. Joe watched it over and over again to catch a glimpse of it :).

So, after much washing and ironing I am now finally cutting the pieces for mine.

And, despite my huge pile of fabrics to choose from, I even dug through the scrap bin for a few extra bits to make sure that there is lots of variety.

If you want to make one of your own you'll be happy to know that the pattern is still available for purchase; just check out the In Between Stitches site to order. Start it now and you could be sleeping under it when Santa pulls into town later this year....M


Anne said...

It's a beautiful quilt and a perfect diversion for the hot weather we are currently having.

Anonymous said...

Marie you are the eternal optimist--the very idea that you might be sleeping under this quilt prior to Dec. 24th......Lindiana xo

Doniene said...

Lovely, lovely fabric choices!!!! I, too, have admired Lynn's quilt for some time! Glad to know the pattern is still available!!

Blessings and hugs!

Kyle said...

That's a beautiful pattern and an interesting story to go with it.

Lynn said...

Hi Marie,
You are off to a great start. Don't forget to check out my tutorial on putting this block together. There are lots of little pieces, and hopefully your block layout sheet will help guide you along the way. ~~Lynn