Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Frolic

I was thinking that Jane would spend her summer holidays finishing up Danuta's Garden, but I wasn't thinking that she would do it so quickly! She was off the first two weeks of July and her first day at the cottage it was done (between you and me, I think that she wanted to be certain that she could spend lots of time in the lake :) ).

Isn't it a beauty? She laid it out on the hammock to get a good look and decided to rename it Summer Frolic, which suits it perfectly. All of those lush, large summery prints with a few stripes mixed in just scream summer, especially in the dappled sunlight of the trees.

The soft yellow sashing print isn't showing up that well but you get a better sense of it in this shot.

It is all hand stitched, with a few extra blocks to boot. Somewhere along the line she made 30 extra 4-patch blocks for the sashing so she's already got a great start on another beautiful creation.

She's thinking that the backing is going to be something big and bright but hasn't gone through her stash yet to figure out what that might be. In the meantime Linda, maybe it gives you and I a chance to catch up to her a little bit.....M


marina said...

well done to your friend Jane, her top looks amazing!!

Karen H said...

Summer frolic is the perfect name for a really lovely quilt. The large nine patch blocks are so perfect for those large Kaffe prints!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marie, had to laugh at your comment about catching up with Jane. I learned long ago that my position is more like "eat my dust" where it concerns Jane and her quilting ability and speed. lol. However, I do get ahead by a leg when it comes to having the tops quilted, finished and on the bed or gifted to friends/family. Some saving grace. Liking your christmas quilt that you cut, going to be smashing. Lindiana xo