Monday, July 27, 2015


The waiting is over. I've finally tackled my first blocks for Country Charmer and am totally charmed. I absolutely love this block!

There are 53 pieces to a block (yup, 53!) but they go together relatively quickly. I'm a process person and Lynn's instructions are really clear so I am totally in my zone.

I love seeing the different fabric combinations come to life and then how they all work well when the blocks are put together.

This is the first block that I made and you can see that the centre sections are just a tad off. I adjusted the position of my needle slightly for the next one and the rest have worked like a charm (pardon the pun).

Trimming is the key to happiness with these blocks.

Most of the bocks have two red and two green fabrics, but the odd one doesn't.

The colour in my photos is off a bit but you get the idea. I'll try for better colour next time out (red is always a challenge for me).

This is what they will look like when you add in the sashing strips and corners. Just love it!...M


paulette said...

OHHHHH man I love this quilt!! Magnificent doesn't cover it!! STUNNING!

Lynn said...

Your blocks are looking fabulous Marie! Love the fabrics you selected. Perfect!!!

Karen H said...

I am charmed by this quilt. I love the sashing you will use to pull it all together and create a secondary design!

Chantal said...

WOOOONNNNDERful! Great work. Enjoy!

Susan said...

Very charming!

Kyle said...

Yes, very charming indeed!

marina said...

wow so pretty!
so many pieces!

Anonymous said...

Wunderbarrrr! She's going to be a real beauty Marie. Lindiana