Monday, July 06, 2015

A Pair of Hearts and Lots of Goodies

Well, my second appliqué heart has now moved over into the finished column. They are really sweet, either together or separately. I think with some old lace and a few embellishments they would make great pillow covers so I'll need to do a little thinking on that.

And, because we celebrated my birthday recently, there have been a few other little bundles of love showing up. Anne discovered a new quilt shop in Combermere recently when she was out touring with Jane so she bought me this little selection of pin dots with Minnie in mind.

She also gave me a bag of ground walnut shells for stuffing pincushions and the Ultimate Marking Pencil for Quilters & Crafters. I've not seen these before but it reminds me of a technical pencil that I had years ago when I took a few night courses.

If the back of the package is to be believed this is one amazing pencil...

And it all came bundled in with one of Linda's beautiful cards.

The Official Cookie Tester also got in on the quilting theme and gave me two of these great bags from Piece O Cake to move my projects around. I just love the pattern on them and particularly like that they zipper close. Guess now I need to transfer the projects that I've had in my LCBO bags into these :). (For those who don't know, LCBO is our government run of liquor stores - they have great bags and, in addition to using them for my quilt projects they are my go-to bag for grocery shopping.)

He also bought me a pair of cycling shorts so I'm thinking that it's a hint that I need to move away from the needle and sewing machine a little more often and get some exercise. Wise man.

I'll leave you with the sentiments from my beautiful card and a good reminder for all of us (though if you are quilting, you have a good start on the life that you've imagined)....M


marina said...

belated birthday wishes Marie!
love those pretty little dotty fabrics.
Your hearts look great, well done.
What's your next applique project?
Lots of other lovely goodies too, what an amazing pen, you will have to let us know if it lives up to it's claims.

Kyle said...

Sending you birthday wishes for a lovely birthday year with sewing and cycling combined.

Anonymous said...

Marie: I know you are one talented lady and I also know you are pretty adept at multi-tasking. I say, how bout a stationary bike so that you can quilt and bike at the same time?? Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. xox Lindiana