Thursday, December 18, 2014

His 'n Hers

In addition to her beautiful star quilt, Betty continues to work on this one, the name of which I don't even know. From this strip it looks like a bowtie pattern but it's more random than that. Made from repurposed wool shirts and blouses that once belonged to mom and dad, it will not only be extremely toasty, it will be a lovely memory quilt.

I'd forgotten some of the plaids but it's fun to see them all again mixed in with the solids.

It is predominantly hand sewn except when she adds the little black floral triangle pieces. Because those seams are on the bias she's putting them together by machine to avoid unnecessary stretching and fraying.

The photos don't do the floral fabric justice at all. It is a rich, almost Jacobean print and was once a lovely skirt and I think maybe a scarf as well. It sets off the solids and prints of the other fabric beautifully. Love that turquoise plaid.

Mom was incredibly good with stretching a dollar and loved to see things get well used so she would be thrilled to know that all of these shirts will have a beautiful second life, thanks to Betty's creative hands....M


Kate said...

I love memory quilts! This one is quite lovely especially with the black square in the centre - very creative addition!

Anne said...

This will be a cozy quilt given all the flannels. It's neat to see all the fabrics again and remember mom and dad wearing the shirts. Yes, mom would indeed be proud and happy to see the fabric being used.

bettyb said...


I am indeed machine sowing all this quilt top -- because of the open weave of the wool flannel. I can't remember the last time I machine-pieced a quilt, but I will be sure to quilt it by hand.

The real miracle of this quilt is that all the fabrics we indeed from shirts worn by Mom and Dad. Mom had collected them all in one box, and it wasn't until I was well into cutting that I realized the gem I had in my hands.

Thanks for sharing.