Monday, December 01, 2014

Going Home

I thought I'd try and get the corner blocks for Stars in the Forest together this weekend but that just started me on my road to the finish line with this one. Hard to believe, but by yesterday it was all sewn together. Yaaaa!

The corners are all the same. I wondered after I got them made if re-orienting the trees in the border would matter to the layout with the corners, but they work well.

It would have been fine just finishing things off with the tree border but the last border was already cut and makes the quilt just a little bit larger, so I attached it too.

This one really makes me think it would look great in a rustic log cabin.

Shortly after I started working on this UFO I realized that there really was only one thing to do with it - give it back to Elizabeth. This is her first (and likely last) quilt and she should enjoy it; it's going home.

So I made the bias binding for her and will drop it off with Roberta's card so that she can have it machine quilted and get using it. Twelve years is long enough to wait to enjoy it....M


Monica said...

I think she will be thrilled! It looks great, and your revisions have been just the thing. If only all our UFOs were so easy to fix!

Chantal said...

Aawwhh! Such a beautiful ending! It would look perfect in a real log cabin but Elizabeth's house will do too. :D You did a great job. She will love it I am sure.

Jackie said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the colors and the pattern!

bettyb said...

You are a true friend! Elizabeth will be SO thrilled.

Anne said...

Sounds like a Christmas miracle to me.