Thursday, December 04, 2014


Fly Away Home came home from the quilter earlier this week and it's sitting in the corner waiting to be bound. This is a busy week and then we'll have the Cookie Bakeoff and hopefully put up the tree on the weekend, so I won't get at it 'til at least next week. The waiting is killing me.

That doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about it though. Because there is so little backing fabric I've been thinking of self-binding it. I found this tutorial but I'm going to take another look at how much I have to play with. If I can trim two inches all around, and keep my fingers crossed just so, I should be able to make a traditional binding. It won't be on the bias, but it will have to do. That's next week's puzzle.

In the interim, I've made and finished off another half dozen birds - I needed to replace a few for Anne that she graciously gave up so that they could be sold to someone else at the bazaar. I've made so many of them now that I think that, given how they seem to be multiplying, they might be related to the rabbit family :).

For some time now I've commissioned one of the red birds into acting as a pincushion. It's speared through with a long hat pin to secure it to my chair and I use it for my appliqué pins when I assemble them. They are so much shorter than my regular pins and this makes it easier to get at them; very handy. Wonder if he'll stay there through the holidays?....M


Susan said...

Your little birds are so lovely, I haven't made a single one. Enjoy your weekend, and binding time when you get the chance.

Kyle said...

Can't wait to see the big reveal! There's always some kind of puzzle to figure out, isn't there. Those cute little birds look like they do make great pincushions.

wendy@iqlt said...

Have you ever done two sided binding? You can use the front colour on the front and the backing colour on the back. Then you only need half the width.