Saturday, November 01, 2014

More Potholders And a Few Little Birds, Too

My Holly Bazaar plans enjoyed an unexpected bonus when I discovered three unfinished Log Cabin potholders under a pile of fabric on my sewing table; all they needed was binding. Amazingly, they had been sitting there since this time last year just waiting to be finished (I think I had run out of time to bind them).

So, I whipped up one more with the strips that were still sitting there too. How I could work around them all year and not notice them is a small miracle because my table isn't that  large.

They are all finished now and bound for the bazaar.

I also finished a batch of blue birds and they look really cute sitting all together.

I embellished one with some embroidery and beads but wasn't that keen on it until the ribbon went on. He'll look sweet on a Christmas tree, I think. There is still a batch of red ones that need eyes and ribbons.

The Official Cookie Tester is quite taken with them so I think one might also find its way into his stocking....M

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Monica said...

It all looks wonderful, Marie. Those potholders really caught my eye! So much Christmas fabric is dark, but these ones really sing. Good luck with them!