Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gone To Pot(holders)

The Holly Bazaar is inching closer and closer and I'm on a potholder roll. Lately I've tried my hand at making a few using the Granny Square block, and they are really sweet.

It's a fun block and I think I might try making a baby quilt using the same pattern but larger blocks; these pieces finish off at one inch square and I think I'd aim for a finished block of either two or three inches.

It's been fun incorporating some of the holiday novelty prints like this tiny mitten fabric.

I was playing around with fabric options and ended up with two very similar versions so I decided to make two identical sets rather than have them look slightly mismatched, which meant that I had to make two more.

I got the first one all together but goofed big time when I went to trim it - I took off an extra quarter of an inch on two sides before I realized what I was doing. *#!?!@!*! The air was too blue for me to tackle ripping out the border blocks and replace them so it is still waiting to be finished. I was in too big a hurry trying to get them done so I could sit and hand stitch the binding.

There's also one with a green dot for the background fabric, which is going to be for me. I may have to wait until after the bazaar too put the pair for this one together but they will be fun to use during the holidays. I don't think that I have ever made myself a potholder, so this will be a first....M


Kyle said...

It's so frustrating when I hurry and make those kind of slip ups. So I know how you feel. Your pot holders are cute and should sell quickly. Glad you're making a couple for yourself as well.

Robin said...

What a fun project. I scrolled down through your blog and was charmed by the "Sea Glass" quilt. It is so lovely. I guess I'm going to have to think about working soft gray into some upcoming projects.