Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Playing With Pink

I've been playing with pink of late in an effort to make a few more baby bibs, and it's been fun. No pattern or extensive planning, just playing with scraps.

I created two different patchwork panels using the same fabrics and then randomly quilted the tops to pieces of batting.

I also made a more simplified version with a last scrap of turquoise that must have come from mom's stash. They all went together quite quickly but things slowed down a fair bit when it was time to clip the curves because just about every bit of the seam line is a curve. So I prepped all three and sat in front of the PBS show on the Roosevelts to enjoy the process.

And, since the Official Cookie Tester is recuperating from a bit of recent surgery, I decided to bake him a pie - pumpkin, his favourite, and the first of the season......M

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audrey said...

So much fun to play with scraps.:) Your pie looks wonderful. I love when it's the season for cooking pumpkin!