Saturday, September 06, 2014

Measuring Up

There are 80 blocks made for Sea Glass now so I've laid them all out to get a sense of colour placement, and also to see how large it is.

Right now it measures 56 x 70" and I wasn't sure if it needed to be larger or not. If I make it larger it would need to have 2 rows added to both the end and the side (40 blocks), so I checked with Jean before doing anything further. She confirmed that the newlyweds want to use it on their sofa and that this size works, so I'm good to go.

I thought I might work on it today but spent most of the day at the church getting ready for our parish roast beef dinner, which is tomorrow. Between my friend Lynn and I we made a total 30 pumpkin, lemon butterscotch pies so I'm a little pooped; maybe I'll give it a shot tomorrow before we head to work at the dinner.

The colours in the photos don't do it justice (the joys of basement lighting), but I am really happy with how the blocks have come together. Its a soft, pretty palette with lots of variety and I hope that they like it too.....M

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Susan said...

I love it Marie. It can be really hard to make a quilt for a young couple, but I think you have nailed it. Lovely, subtle colours and a style that will age gracefully. Well done.