Thursday, September 04, 2014

Farewell to Summer

Hard as it is to believe, we are now into September. I hate saying goodbye to summer - this one just seemed to fly by - but here we are. Peaches are still in season so it seemed like the perfect excuse to make one last Crostada before cooler temperatures really set in.

I usually use peaches, plums and blueberries but this time it was just peaches (and one lonely little plum tossed in for good measure). Instead of orange rind I added a smidge of almond flavouring and then sprinkled sliced almonds in with the crumble topping. It was fabulous!

And two more Wonky Log Cabin blocks came together as well.

The blocks are just over 6" so I will trim them all to that.

Now I'll need to assemble them into a pillow top, probably adding a blue border. This pic is a little on the dark side, but you get the idea.

It occurred to me that I really need to lay out the Sea Glass blocks and make sure that I have enough before I use up any more scraps or I could be in a bind....M


Kyle said...

Crostadas are the perfect dessert as are the fabrics in the wonky log cabin blocks.

Raewyn said...

I had to google Crostada to find out what it is - a word I hadn't heard before but a now I know it's a concept I've baked and enjoyed - the combination of fruits you use sounds delicious! I love your wonky blocks too; hope the fabrics work out!

Susan said...

Looks scrumptious....fruit, almond and favourite!
Lovely blocks too.

liniecat said...

Yummy tastes and fabric blocks - whats not to adore!!