Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Newbie Joins the Fold (or is that Newbies?)

Betty and Jane have been getting together almost annually with friends that they worked with years ago, and this year was no exception. This summer, while they were at Jane's cottage, Sandy became intrigued as Jane hand stitched her Danuta's Garden. Sandy has been into scrap booking for years and it looks like she's now going to be a quilter as well - how fun!

A few days ago she sent through an email to the gals to share the news. Here, in her own words, is the beginning of her journey:

"You girl (Jane) have so inspired me! My friend and I were out today, and I mentioned how much I'd like to try quilting ... and, she said she'd been wanting to try it, too. So, off we went to our local quilting shop. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed, but thought we'd jump right in. Next up ... I think I'm going to wash my pretty new fabric!"

And a few days later..."Holy crap ... I can't believe you gals used to cut all the pieces out with scissors! I love my handy dandy rotary cutter! So, now I have my piles all sorted and organized for the 20 blocks ... with a little leftover in case I stab myself and bleed all over my pretty fabric!

Tomorrow, I start to stitch. Yahoooo! No doubt I'll be bugging you for tips along the way! I've been cruising the Internet and it seems everyone has their own way of doing things..."

Welcome to the fold, Sandy (and Glenna!). You've picked beautiful, bright colours to begin your new journey and we can't wait to see your project progress!....M


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Susan said...

Welcome to the patchwork addiction Sandy!