Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Night Mail

I headed to Jane's cottage for the weekend based on a weather forecast that was hot and sunny, but much of it ended up wet and rainy. Not to worry - that meant lots of time to sit and work on my Postage Stamp (remember the ripping needed?). It also gave me a chance to get caught up with some of Jane's projects. She has sewn the first strip of the Plaid HST quilt (needs a new name, Jane) that she's working on for her nephew and it continues to be gorgeous.

The necessary ripping out happened on my quilt and then I worked at adding the correct string of blocks.

That went well so it was on to the next row.

Jane noted that it was going to be a huge quilt and I couldn't help but agree. Once the last 4 or 5 rows of blocks were added it would be two thirds complete and it was already a good size. When I got home I thought I'd measure it; already it is about 70 x 100" - certainly no need to make it longer, but adding another 35 inches of width didn't seem to make any sense either.

Time to shift gears. What about making it asymmetrical and adding a column of large, Wonky Stars to one side?

I've been wanting to try this since I saw a similar idea at Blue Elephant Stitches. I figured out how to make a Wonky Star and then was off to the races. Fun!

The blocks will finish at 12" and there will be about 7 of them. Now just to figure out if I take any blocks off the end to make it a little shorter. All in all, this one is headed for the finish line and much, much earlier than I had ever anticipated.....M


Susan said...

Wow, it's going to be a lovely big quilt.

Chantal said...

Lovely. Just lovely ... and huge! But beautiful!

Monica said...

I love that combination of postage stamps and stars, and the colours are unbeatable! This one is looking really good. :D

Ruth Ann Lee said...

Big quilts are the best! I really like the asymmetrical wonky stars.

Anonymous said...

Marie: love the idea of the wonky stars, really adds to the overall beauty of the quilt--great idea. 100" long is good for a king size bed but I would find it too long for a queen, "you know what I think but you do what you want" said a woman we all knew and loved. xxo Lindy

Anonymous said...

Marie: so glad you caved, those florals are calling to you from the deep closet--now we can track the progress on all three quilts. Yours will be beautiful. Funny I have about 45 small 4-patch squares together at this point too. Welcome aboard the Danuta train.
Linda xox