Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shades of Grey

My quest for soft blues and greys took me into a colour zone that I don't normally go to and ended up hurting my head at times because I seemed to be thinking waaaaay too hard about it. It just wasn't coming naturally. I wanted blues that weren't juvenile prints and just a few greys to make it interesting, but at the end of the day I ended up with many more greys than I expected/wanted.

Despite seldom, if ever, going to greys, there were some beauties on the shelves, so I have a great little collection to work with. I think a few are too dark for this project but they'd be nice with citron & white.

After adding a few pieces from fabrics that I already had, this is where I have landed. There is one more shop down the road that I think I'll check out to see if I can mix it up just a little more.

These are for a wedding gift quilt that Jean has commissioned, and it probably didn't help that I wasn't totally sure of the pattern that I was going to use. The bride requested baby blues, greys and either cream/white, which suggested something a little more contemporary to me. Somehow I thought that the fabrics would define the pattern for me, and, after much wringing of hands and changing my mind, it did. It's going to be a string quilt....M


audrey said...

Grays are out of my comfort zone too. I've been trying to work with them for the last year or two and trying to get them figured out. So far I've noticed that I like them a lot better when they have brown in the gray which would make them taupe? hehe Your prints are very lovely. Good luck with your project!

Susan said...

I can understand why your head hurt, but I think you have chosen well. Very nice contemporary colour combinations. I really like the darker ones, but agree they may be too dark for this project.....see how you go.