Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Mail

A walk to the mailbox yesterday delivered a nice little surprise for my String Quilt. Linda had found several yards of a soft blue-grey fabric in her stash that she thought might work well as the backing it, so Jane tucked a sample into a card and sent it off so that I could see if it matched. As my dad used to like to say, "I think we're in business".

Jane and Linda make wonderful cards and this one just seemed custom made for the message it was carrying. I was surprised to turn it over and see that it had, in fact, been made a while back. Guess she knew she'd be mailing notes her quilting buddies.

Not only does the fabric work, but the card is colour coordinated as well. She thinks of everything.

The sample was tucked inside and when I flipped it up I found this happy little message. :)

Today's surprise came from the gardens. A couple of years ago my sister Dori went commando on my gardens and planted about 8 new peony bushes for me. They have gradually been coming into their own and this year they are just gorgeous. I'm thrilled, because now I can cut more to have in the house without totally eliminating them from the beds. LUV peonies! Thanks again, Dori; it's the gift that keeps on giving....M


Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

I love peonies, too, and yours are just beautiful!
How nice to get such a lovely, matching backing fabric. I am searching for something in pink at the moment, for the Pickle Dish, but nothing in my stash is big enough.

Jean said...

Be careful about peonies in the house - they bring ants like crazy!


Susan said...

Gorgeous flowers, nothing better than being able to cut your own for the house. Lovely backing fabric too, Jane is very sweet to think of you.