Friday, June 13, 2014

A Little Klepto Quilting and I'm Off and Running

Jean's String Quilt has begun and, the more it comes together, the more my jitters about it seem to disappear.

Earlier I mentioned my challenge finding soft blue prints that weren't overly juvenile. Problem solver that I am, I decided to do some klepto quilting in Jane's stash last weekend and found a few lovely little pieces that she generously contributed to the cause.

Still feeling that I needed a little bit more variety, I picked up a few more fat quarters this afternoon. That's it. No more blues. At this rate I'll be sewing a king-sized quilt and all Jean wants is a quilt to lay over the back of the sofa!

The blocks will finish off at 7" and I'm using squares cut from telephone book pages as my foundation. After sewing a few I noticed that the white strip wasn't always staying centred on the corner, so I've started putting a very small dab of appliqué glue in two opposite corners, laying the fabric strip right side down, and then positioning the paper square to the back of it to keep it secure while the first seam or two go in.

Once a block is sewn I flip it over and use the paper as my trimming guide and then, when I'm not particularly motivated to sew, I take a pile of blocks and tear the papers off.

Eager beaver that I was, I forgot that I had decided on a 1.25" white strip rather than the original 1.5" width I had planned. I was four blocks into it before I noticed the difference, so two were made with the wider strip. They might get made into a pillow - or maybe incorporated into the backing. We'll see.

Anyway, I think I need 120 blocks, so time to cut and sew!....M


Kyle said...

Your collection of fabrics will make a lovely low volume quilt.

Susan said...

It is looking lovely. Great selection of fabrics, especially love Janes donations! It can be really hard to choose softer colours, but I think you're doing really well.

audrey said...

Hmm.. I wonder if this will be giving you ideas for another quilt? Love the color range you're working with.:)

paulette said...

I love everything about these blue squares!! Thanks for posting the pattern!