Monday, May 19, 2014

More Happy Little Blocks

I've got Hugs and Kisses all together but it needs a good pressing, so I'll share it with you in a little bit, but there are a few more new blocks made from the HST cuttings to show you.

Three tiny little Churn Dash blocks were my next experiment and they are as sweet as the Dresden Plate; they will finish off at 3 3/4".

There's also four little Pinwheel blocks that will finish at 2 1/2" - I like them in a row or all together in a larger block so there will be more of these to come.

It's going to be fun playing with different layouts as the block collection grows, but with such tiny blocks I don't think it's going to be very big.

The Dresden Plate with the basket block still appeals to me and I've realized that there might be a chance to put the two of them on one block if I make baskets out of the larger HST blocks that I've got, so I'll be interested to see if that works.

Lots more options to try with these little HSTs....M

p.s. Happy Victoria Day weekend to all my Canadian friends! Finally, some lovely sunshine today.


Kyle said...

Your pile of cuteness is growing.

Monica said...

These are looking so cute, Marie! The churn dash is one of my favourite blocks.

Josie said...

Wow... those blocks are small and perfectly formed! I'm in awe of your piecing skills. Can't wait to see how you 'play' with your layout.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Such darling little blocks!
These will make for a very special little quilt.