Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Accident-al Quilter

Blue Broken Dishes baby quilt
Some days it goes your way and some days it just goes so wrong. I was on a roll with the baby quilt, finishing up the machine quilting, when I discovered a little surprise.

As I was admiring the quilting design on the back my caught sight of...a little spec of green. What the...?!

Somewhere along the line I had picked up and sewn a green scrap to the back of the quilt. Sheesh. Time for the ripper and a little more stitching, but it's finished now and I quite like it.

Undeterred, I thought I'd start cutting the bias binding strips. Not quite sure where my head was (or my finger, for that matter) because about 3 slices in I managed to run the rotary blade through both the index finger and the base of my fingernail nail on my right hand. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Blue baby quilt - Broken Dishes
Thankfully no blood was spilled (on the quilt at least) and all sharp objects have been put away for the day to protect me from myself...M


Sandy said...

I might have left that little green piece in, as an amusing little delight to discover! or a mystery for future quilt historians to ponder...

Brandie said...

Sandy's comment made me laugh. Don't feel bad about that green hitch hiker no one else has ever had anything like that happen to them!
Now that cut! Oh my, be careful!

Susan said...

Ouch! Every time I use the rotary cutter I dread the thought of cutting my finger. Glad that it wasn't too bad. Funny little piece of green, funny how often it happens that other bits of fabric get in the way (does that mean we have too much?).

Kyle said...

The little green scrap made me smile, the rotary story gave me the shivers. Just step away from the blades!

audrey said...

Oh that little extra piece of green made me laugh! Frustrating for you, but things like that just seem to happen.:) Take care of your finger!!

Karen H said...

Yikes - rotary cuts are scary! I've quilted scraps on the back. What I do it cut away the scrap as close to the quilting as I can on either side of the quilting. I then take a pair of tweezers and remove the threads of the scrap. That way I don't have to do any "reverse quilting"!

Karen H said...

And I should have mentioned that I love that little blue baby quilt! It looks so cozy!

Linda Jenkins said...

Hi, Marie. I love your blog!

Do you know about this one?