Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ready For Delivery

Jean's Broken Dishes baby quilt is all done and ready to be sent off to the expectant parents. It's bright and cheery and will be great for a little boy.

I had ordered some Wonder Clips back in January and so this was my first time trying them out.

Once I figured out that I had them on backwards (red side should be to the back) things improved considerably!

I think I need to get this one bundled up and sent off sooner rather than later because The Official Cookie Tester has really taken a shine to it and is dropping very strong hints that it would go well in our bedroom. He's not wrong.

It's amazing how different the blues come through in the daylight as compared to lamp light...M


audrey said...

Wonderful little quilt! The blues are very sweet for a baby quilt.:)

Susan said...

It's a lovely little quilt, I'm sure it will be used and cherished. My clips are on order too, I've heard they're very good.

alejandra said...

What a lovely quilt, love all, color and design.