Friday, November 15, 2013


The tiny 4-patch blocks that I ended my last post with have sort of taken over the machine sewing lately. They are for a Stars All Round table runner. I started it about a year ago and tucked the bag into a drawer until I had more head space for it. Cutting the little 1.5" remnant squares reactivated my interest so I figured that binding could wait and kept going.

This is what the centre panel will look like - 4-patches in red/cream/yellow alternating with green 2" blocks. I had found a speedy way to do tiny 4-patches but had already started with the 1.5" squares so I'll use that technique another time.

It will be surrounded by 4" stars in a variety of reds.

I found this tutorial for a 4" star on the Temecula Quilt Co.'s blog last week (great timing) so I roughed up a cheat sheet and sat down to try a few.

Despite the tiny pieces they do go together easier than I had imagined and I'm really liking how they work with the centre panel.

While I was pressing blocks I took a good look at my ironing board (I have it angled in beside my sewing table so that I can easily press as I go) and realized how sad my cover is looking. I've actually worn my way through one corner and baked the area around it! Time for a new one. Such a shame as I'm really fond of this cover and the majority of it is still in great shape, but this just looks ratty....M


Anonymous said...

Marie, why don't you just turn your ironing board around and use the other end? Love the Christmas table runner. Jane

audrey said...

Looks like a sweet little project! I finally gave in and ordered me a new ironing board cover. Too busy to make one and I finally got tired of trying to avoid pressing over the exposed foam!