Monday, November 04, 2013

Holly's On The Horizon

Friday is the Holly Bazaar so I've been working to finish up some of the felt birds and heart decos for the craft table along with a few more potholders.

This latest batch is very Christmassy - a variety of 1.5" strips made up into scrappy Log Cabin blocks and then quilted with a diagonal pattern.

I toyed with quilting in the ditch around each of the concentric rings but wanted to make certain that the back was as clean as the front so I went with the diagonal lines instead. It made me think of this Mrs. Bobbins 'Stitch In The Ditch Club' comic - cracks me up every time...bwahahaha!

They are scrappy and each one is a little different - I tried not to repeat a fabric just because there were so few strips in a block. It's a great way to use up batting remnants.

For whatever reason, I made 5 but last night as I was quilting them it occurred to me that you usually buy a set of 2, so I made add one more to the mix. The backing on most is the same green, with the exception of one, and I no longer have any more of that green so I guess I'll need to see about mixing and matching a set.

I thought I'd have them all made and bound by now but I spent much of yesterday cleaning up the flower beds for the winter so I only got them quilted. There's still baking to do so it's time to scamper!....M


Kate said...

Lovely potholders. A bazaar, you say, I'm pleased to hear they still exist - I miss them. No bazaars in our neck of the woods but lots of craft shows that don't have hand mades. Enjoy.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Love Log Cabins style, especially in the colors you have chosen!