Monday, June 17, 2013

See Spot Grow

Little Spot is getting bigger. It was rainy here yesterday for the first half of the day so I sat down with my coffee and passed the time with it. I had 10 new blocks in hand using the new white-on-white fabric so I decided to add two rows now rather than wait to have a full round of blocks.

The combination of the two whites is turning out to be a good decision. The white-on-white is just a little creamier and adds a nice bit of interest.

I'll have to start using the white-on-white for the wider sashing between the blocks now as I'm down to the last 2 pieces of my original white.

It's about 27 x 45" now and after I add a row along each edge it will be about 36 x 45", which I think will be the finished size. But you never know...the Official Cookie Tester really likes this one and suggested that it would be nice in our bedroom. He's not wrong, but we'll have mom's Dresden Plate for the bed as soon as I bind it, and I don't want to make this one that large. Spot will be for a little tyke....M


Grit said...

Looks FANTASTIC !!!!!
Grit from Germany

Susan said...

It's looking really lovely.

Rachaeldaisy said...

This is such a striking and beautiful quilt! I love the flashes of red in the little squares against the blue and white.