Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Laundry Day

Today I've got a bit of a blast from the past to share with you. Betty was washing linens and freshening things up for the summer, and included in that is a quilt that she made in and around 1986 - are we really old enough to remember 1986??? (Don't feel obliged to answer that with your out-loud voice...)

It's called Garden Path and she got the pattern from one of her friend Sigrid's books. Betty and Sigrid were great friends and she still misses her dearly, so it's nice to have this reminder of her in their life every day.

There are 121 little blocks that finish up at about an inch square in each of the larger blocks that make up the 3-blossom mauve design, and then there are lots more in the strips used for the sashing. Lots and lots of little blocks! It is all beautifully hand quilted and gets great use - they have it on their bed all the time.

If you knew Sigrid at all you would recognize what a testament this is to her and her love of quilting. She loved using lots and lots of different prints and she was prolific, beautifully hand-stitching everything, and doing so very quickly. I remember her sitting in her wing-back chair, happily working away, creating so many wonderful masterpieces.

Quilts are such treasures, aren't they?....M


Anne said...

As are true friends!

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my post about my Whig Rose progress, thank you, it sent me curiously over here to visit your blog. Well, I've had a lovely visit, you have some gorgeous quilts and I so admire you ladies who hand piece. Please drop by again and I will certainly be back over here to see what you are up to with your quilty hands! Cheers from Australia,Rowena