Monday, January 14, 2013

The New Math

I'm closing in on the home stretch with the last of the Candied Hexagon blocks - I've got one more full block to finish (I need to add 3 more diamond to the outer ring but do you think I can find the blue polka dot fabric that I started with?) and three more half blocks.

I'd probably have all of the blocks done if Downton Abbey wasn't on. I pick up my stitching at the beginning of the show but am so entraced by the sets and the costumes that very little sewing actually gets done.

Being this close to the end I decided to draft the template for the fill-in triangles, so I did that after work today. Actually, I did it twice because the first one was about a quarter of an inch too small. Then I cut one from the fabric so that I could sit down after dinner and see how it would fit.

Good thing I cut only one! I'm not sure what was going on in my little head but it's only half the size that it needs to be. I didn't have the blocks near me when I was cutting the template so I'd forgotten how they were going to fit up against each other. Luckily I went downstairs to trim the half blocks and realized what I had done. As dad used to say (he was a carpenter), "Measure twice, cut once."...M

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