Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Once I realized how close I was to having all of the Candied Hexagons pieced I decided to cut everything else that I needed (except the mauve triangles, at this point), assemble all the blocks & half blocks and then start putting it together.

And despite my challenge with finding the right fussy cuts at times, I did it!

These are the pieces for all of the half squares.

I also cut one large hexie - there are a few of them scattered throughout the top and they are a welcome addition to the block count since you don't need to sew at all. It is a beautiful chintz but interestingly enough it is called Canadian Cottage - not sure how they see that but it will be a lovely addition.

I've only made one block with two tones of the same colour, but I really like the combination.

And I love this green and this blue together.

So, including the solid block I have added 4 more to the finished pile - that leaves 4 blocks and I think it's 8 half blocks to do. Yippeeee! It's hard to believe that seemingly suddenly I am this close to being able to put it all together....M


Kate said...

Looking beautiful .....

Grit said...

Great progress, it`s looking good.
Your blog is so wonderful. I love your blog.And I`m will follow you.
Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany