Friday, September 28, 2012

On The Wing

Last weekend I decided that since the geese are starting to fly south (just in little bits so far, mind you) that it was time to spend some time with my Fly Away Home quilt, so I cut several more reds. As I sat down to sew I looked at the bowl that is sitting on the floor that holds the scrappy strips for this little triangle quilt, so I zigged a little and decided to make a few, just to get it out of my system.

I also wanted to play around with layouts so I tried this:

and this:

and finally a spiderweb:

I took photos so I could see the options beside each other to help me make up my mind but I'm not sure that I'm there yet.

 I like the spiderweb but somehow can't see myself doing it in Christmas prints. I also like the first layout but I think the alternating blocks need to be a richer colour - maybe a gold/ochre print so I'll see what I can find on that front. The second choice is nice too but do you think that it's too busy? Anyway, after making 4 more triangles I returned to the business at hand - flying geese.

Over the space of 2 days I made about 84 more, so the reds are well on their way. I think I'll cut more greens and see where I end up with those; a few more fat quarters might be needed to really make it scrappy but it's a tough green pallette to match so I might just have to work with what I have.

At any rate, they are coming together nicely an I think I'm soon going to be in a position to string together a full row.

This particular combo reminded me of dad's hankies. During the week he used the more casual red polka dot styles and for dress he always had a fresh white hanky. Amazing how your mind works, isn't it?...M

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Anne said...

You are right about the hankies. How many of those did we iron over they years? And would you believe, I still have a few of his hankies?