Sunday, September 02, 2012

Martha's Legacy

I've been meaning to post this for the past couple of weeks and keep forgetting. Mom's Mary Englebright quilt came back from the shop all quilted so I offered to put the binding on for Fran so that she could take it back to Toronto with her and start using it. Isn't it beautiful?

It is a large quilt, about 85" x 108" if memory serves me correctly, so it took the better part of a day and a half for me to get the binding made and attached.

Yet another bias gingham binding, my fave. And the cherry red that she chose is perfect - it's bright and fun and works really nicely with both the back and the front, tying everything together nicely.

Betty took a few photos before it was packed into the car and it looks like she found a treasure. At least one of the blocks is from our maternal grandmother's stash. How's that for a family heirloom?

It took more than five years to get it quilted but it's now done and ready to be loved. Sweet dreams, Frances....M

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