Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Change And A Rest

My machine is still not back from the shop (I think the technician was called away) so it has forced me to back away from the machine and focus more on hand stitching, which isn't a bad thing at all as it is so relaxing and flexible - you can pick it up anywhere. So I have. I've done up a new set of pinwheels with each blade a different colour and I really like them - a lovely, random riot of colour.

And, after some excellent art direction from a few friends I've decided to stick with my initial instinct and sew a band of these for the border square to the centre rather than on the point - it creates a little more interest instead of having all of the blocks on the point.

I've placed a few near the existing blocks - just remember that there will also still be a narrow green band incorporated into the border as well.

Lots more triangles paired up and ready to sew.

More Candied Hexagons
I've also put together another half dozen hexagons for Candied Hexagons. Several have fussy cut centres and I think that they came out really nicely. This one should go together quite quickly when all of the blocks are done - one of these days they will be laid out to see how they look together and figure out how many more I need to make - the current count is 66 blocks.

And I have this sneaking suspicion that my new Flying Geese ruler will get lots of use down the road - check out this beauty on Sherri's blog!...M

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