Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Star Struck

Ohio Star
A few years back mom and I started working on an Ohio Star quilt together. She'd come over and we'd spend the afternoon working on it together - I'd sew and she'd press the seams and trim the corners - and then we'd head upstairs for a cocktail and dinner.

Well, I've been slowly sewing a block here and there lately and now have about 40 stars done so it was time to see what they might look like together. I played with several layouts but wasn't keen on anything that was showing up.

Each block has the same café au lait coloured fabric around the centre block and then a variety of tone on tone creams in the outer border. I think we had intended to make the alternating blocks in the café au lait fabric so I laid it out on a cream coloured sheet but was underwhelmed with the result.

So then I tried this...nice, but almost a little too predictable.

I pondered a bit more and decided to sketch out an option that made every alternate block a Single Irish Chain.

I was liking what I saw....

Martha's Star
so I kept going...and I love it! Of course it means that there's now tons more to do on it because each of those squares on the grid is 3" in size so it means that each tiny block in the chain will be 1" finished. Story of my life. Oh well. I'm thinking that the chain will be in a soft brick red that's in my stash.

Now that it's not a pure Ohio Star I think I will call it Martha's Star...M

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Brandie said...

Oooo, loving this lay out! How specail to have made these stars with your Mom. It'll be an extra specail quilt when finished.