Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pretty In Pink

More progress on the Candied Hexagon front, and interestingly, the latest batch seems to have a focus on pink - more by chance than by design, but pretty none the less.

Remember how much I loved the pink border print in my Goose Tracks quilt? Well, when I really like a fabric I like to sprinkle it through a few quilts when I can so from the scraps I was able to eek out a hexagon for this one.

A bit of fussy cutting for the outer ring of diamonds...

Lovin' the way the paisley print creates a design reminscent of the hard candies that this quilt is named after. The fussy cuts are called fussy for a reason - depending on the print it can seem to take forever just to get 6 diamonds cut, which tends to slow things down a bit - but they are spectacular done up and will provide lots of interest.

The yellow on this one is the same as the binding that I used on my Kaffe Fasset Frothy...

I love the colour of this mauve print...thank you Fig Tree.

It's interesting to me to see how many times I will match two fabrics together for a star and then at the last minute switch one of the prints up, either for a new colour or print combo. Just trying to stay out of a rut.

We're at 54 hexies and counting....M

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