Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There are more changes being made to Elizabeth's Stars in the Forest. Not huge changes, but just enough to make me like it more.

This is the layout that was provided, but it just seemed to me that all of those trees were upside down and it was starting to bug me.

So, since I had already changed the tree design a little bit I decided that a little bit more change couldn't hurt. I'm glad that I did. They are all upside down when compare to the pattern but seem a little more grounded now.

And I have to say that I am loving working with these 15" blocks! I don't think I've ever made a quilt with this large a pattern but it might be time to change all of that - you feel like you're just flying through the assembly. The fact that Elizabeth already had all of the centre star blocks made might have something to do with making me feel like such a Speed Queen ;).....M

Monday, November 24, 2014

Seeing The Forest For The Trees

I've been giving Elizabeth's Stars in the Forest UFO lots of sideways glances and decided that I'd play with it a little bit just to see how the trees in the first border came together. What looked like fairly fast blocks to piece ended up throwing me a few curve balls, so I changed things to my liking. The trees are made of three horizontal pieced strips, which at first glance were going to be very straight forward, but, when I tried making them, not so much.

The pattern calls for the tip of the tree to be flanked on either side by triangular pieces that had been cut from a freezer paper pattern, but even after trying my hand at a few, the best I was getting was this sorry mess. I think that she had cut only the narrowest of seam allowances and, despite trying to sew a very narrow seam, there was only so much room to work with.

I managed to get one that I thought wasn't looking too bad...

but when I sewed it to the strip below it looked like this. Not good.

Not to be refused, I decided to change the pattern. After doing a little math I figured out how to make the tip of the tree a narrower version of the two strips below it, and I like it - there was something about the original design that just wasn't appealing to me anyway, so in the end it all worked out. I need 36 of these so time for more sewing....M

Friday, November 21, 2014

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Remember the song, 'The First Cut is the Deepest'? It sort of describes how I was fretting about trimming away/wasting the points on Fly Away Home, but now that it's done it really wasn't that bad. Isn't it always the way?

With all of my attention given over to the Holly Bazaar recently, making the backing for this quilt had dropped to the bottom of the list. Roberta will be ready to quilt it at the end of the month so I decided I'd better get it together. Only then did I remember that I had my trimming to do. Luckily I was in the mood to get it done so it was done in no time.

I've saved the trimmings because the pieces are still a pretty decent size...

and then I started to play around with them a bit. Some potential, I think. They might also be nice just randomly put together and made into Christmas stockings.

Making the backing took more time than the trimming because I was trying my best to align the pattern. Having so little of the fabric, I really had to think about how I could cut it so that it wasn't looking like a dog's breakfast. It's together now too so next week it's off to be quilted. Roberta is so efficient that I expect that it will be back in a couple of weeks but even if I get it back Christmas Eve it will be fun to have in the living room, bound or not :)....M

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unexpected UFO

If you took a look around my sewing room (or my kitchen, or living room, or study, for that matter) you would not be hard pressed to find any number of projects in varying stages of completion. I like it like that. I can work on what I feel like working on when the mood strikes, and eventually, a few of them move into the finished column. Well, I now have one more project to add to the unfinished column.

A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with a group of gals that I have worked with over the years; The Ladies Who Lunch get together once or twice a year as to have a few laughs and get caught up. This time around Elizabeth brought a bag with one of her UFOs in it hoping that someone would finish it up. She's not a quilter, but about 12 years she decided to try it and it's only gotten so far. She'd rather have it finished and that someone use it so she was ready to hand it off. Of course, I couldn't say no.

It's from Fons and Porter's 'For the Love of Christmas' magazine. And see those little samples of fabric hanging out from the corner?

She has everything organized and samples taped in place so that there's no confusing which fabric is for which piece.

It's called Stars in the Forest. All the pieces are cut and neatly bagged and labelled. There's even a bag of extra fabric, should it be needed.

All 20 blocks are made and they are huge - 20" - so all that's left to do is make the tree border and get this baby together; I have to look at the dimensions again, but I believe that it's a Queen sized quilt. Not sure what I will do with it when it is all done, maybe make it a charity quilt, but it will be nice to know that I helped someone move a UFO along....M