Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stop The Presses!

After going great guns on quilting the Confetti borders it seemed to take forever to sit down and finish off the final corner but - and Stephanie, you might want to sit down for this - it's now finally all quilted. Miracle of miracles! So cue the choir and lets get that Halleluiah Chorus started!!

This one has been in the works for so long that it's hard to even believe that it's possible that it could be quilted, but quilted it is.

I'll have to go back and see when I started making it, but suffice it to say that it's been years in the making. It will be a bit of an adjustment not having it around the house - it's become like a piece of the furniture and I think I'm going to miss it.

Now the search begins in earnest for a binding. Jane had given me a piece from her stash to try but when I got it home the colours were off just enough to make it look odd. Ah well, shopping for fabric is a tough job, but someone's got to do it....M

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Priority Mail

The postman delivered a lovely Priority Mail package the other day...

which contained my beautiful new tattooed quilting buddy...

Give up? It the stripper (a.k.a. the Strip 'n Sew made by Mr. Joe) that I won from Lynn at Sew 'n Wild Oaks. It came all ready to assemble and, you can see from the photo that I was in such a hurry to do that I just set it up on the kitchen island as quick as could be to check it out (sorry, Lynn, not the best photo).

And, there was a second squeal of delight to be heard. She very generously included one of her patterns that I've been eyeing for some time now, Country Charmer.

She has it done up in an alternate colour way which I think it would be a lovely Christmas quilt for our bedroom. So, since there was a box coming this way with the stripper I wanted to order one and have it included with my shipment. Ship it she did, but charge for it she didn't. That was so kind of you Lynn - I can't thank you enough.

I've got lots and lots of red and green prints so I should start pulling fabrics now and get busy putting this together so that I'm sleeping under it the next time Santa calls. Don't you love Priority Mail?....M

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Spring!

Spring arrived yesterday, delivering a beautiful sunny, clear day, as if on cue, but you wouldn't know it today with a light snow falling. Ah well, it's to be expected this time of the year. Regardless, I thought it would be nice to usher in the promise of warmer weather with a little parade of Jane's Danuta's Garden blocks.

She's got all of the star blocks finished and has begun sewing a strip of the 3-block sashing to them, and they are beauties.

The large florals go so beautifully with the swirling yellow print. Can you say Martha Negley? Her prints just make me go weak-kneed.

So hard to pick a favourite.

She's coordinating the colours in the sashing with the colours in the stars for a little bit of a different feel.

The stars border the 9-patch blocks that make up the quilt's centre. It's a beauty, and a great reminder of the coming warmer weather. It was also incentive for me to find my little bits and pieces and resurrect my version, but I've got a loooong way to go before I sew this much done on it....M

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I went out to the lake to have lunch with Jane on the weekend and took some hand stitching with me to do in the afternoon. It was a great excuse to see her latest projects and I didn't need to look very far to find one. She has now finished hand piecing this one for her nephew and was looking for some ideas for borders.

The fabrics are so rich and a great combination - it just looks like it was made with a log cabin and roaring stone fireplace in mind. It will be perfect for a guy.

These were remnants that she had left over (aren't they gorgeous?) but very few of them had enough to make a border except for the blue on top. So she started cutting to see how much she'd get and was ready to make it pieced if she had to.

But she didn't have to - there's enough for a six-inch border all round. This piece is a classic 'make do' piece - it's an old dress that she salvaged that had a very full skirt; so full, in fact, that there was enough for this border. Love when that happens.

It still needed a little life so we played with adding in a narrow red border. This one would have worked but there wasn't nearly enough of it. So, there was only one thing to do - dive into the bins with her stash.

After looking long and hard the reds were finally revealed and this check rose to the occasion. She's going to insert a 2" red check border between the quilt top and the blue border and then cut a bias binding from the same material. Happy to have that puzzle solved we found ourselves singing that catchy little Monty Python ditty, 'I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay'...:) ....M