Sunday, January 21, 2018

From Here to Eternity

omigosh quilt block: QuiltBee
I've been distracted. Again. There are already two quilts that I consider my 'forever' projects - Minnie and Anna Levens - and they will now be joined by a third, the late Sue Garman's Omigosh. I have succumbed. This one will be done by machine whereas the other two are my hand stitching projects, which you would think would give it a definite edge, however, it involves seemingly billions of 1.5" nine-patches. OMG!

omigosh quilt block: QuiltBeeI debated long and hard over this one (I mean, seriously, those little blocks finish at half an inch!) and then before Christmas cut a few strips to see if I liked working on it and, ultimately, liked the blocks. I had a hard time committing. It got put away over the holidays but the other day I pulled it out again and played a little more. I  finally realized that it all came down to colour.

omigosh quilt block: QuiltBee
Many of the quilts that I'd seen done up in this pattern were made from reproduction fabrics and that's where I started, but they just weren't doing it for me - it's not a palette that I use in our home and I just couldn't get excited about it. I toyed with quitting but it just wasn't letting me go so I sewed a few more blocks. Now that I see a small collection of the 1.5" nine-patches made from my scraps it has made all the difference.

omigosh quilt block: QuiltBee
And, when they came together into the larger nine-patch (a huge 4.5"!!!) well - again - OMG! I'm toying with a slight change to the design but still need to work that out. Either way, it may well take me from here to eternity to finish, but it's so darned cute that it will be fun trying....M

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Today's Lineup

hexagon diamond for Minnie quilt - QuiltBee
Some days are better than others for pulling colour combinations that work. The other night I was on a roll though so I just kept pulling different combos of little hexies for more Minnie diamonds; this is one that I particularly like.

hexagon diamonds for Minnie quilt - QuiltBee
Actually, these two play very nicely together.

So this is my current hexie lineup. It's back to being bitterly cold so it's an inside day for me, and I have lots of stitching to keep me company.....M

Friday, January 12, 2018

Moving Things Along

Snippets quilt - QuiltBee
This is what Snippets is starting to look like. The blocks are just up on the design board and not sewn together yet, so the diagonal grid will ultimately become a bit tighter. These blocks will measure 27 x 45" once they are sewn together.

Snippets quilt blocks - QuiltBee
I've got about 15 more blocks made and probably the makings of another 15 assembled and ready to go.

Snippets quilt blocks - QuiltBee
A stitch here and a stitch there and the pile gradually builds. It's a great little block and I'm just loving the fact that each block is different, motivation in and of itself to sew 'just one more'....M

Sunday, January 07, 2018

The Long Goodbye

hexagon diamonds for Minnie quilt - QuiltBee
I'm one of those people who likes to have my Christmas tree up for as long as possible (one year I managed to keep it up til March Break, and it wasn't an artificial tree!), but I've run out of time. The city is doing a tree pick-up tomorrow so today was the day to take it down.

Christmas cookies - QuiltBee
Knowing that, I spent yesterday curled up on the couch with Minnie - who I haven't seen since July - listening to Christmas carols and finding some solace in Christmas cookies (the Official Cookie Tester was happy to help out with the cookies tho not so keen on the carols...). The bone cracking cold temperatures outside only confirmed my idea that a spot near the fireplace was the place to be.

When I press a hexie diamond I ensure that all three accent hexies are pressed flat.

This recesses them a little bit on the finished side and adds just a bit of dimension. Not sure if that will hold up when (and if) this quilt is ever quilted, but I do like the look it gives to the block.

As of a few hours ago our tree was kicked to the curb and the living room feels a little empty; I really miss the soft light that it shines through the house. Sadly, there was one fatality as the decos came down - one of my little Faberge-like eggs is no more.

On the upside, it has started to snow and temperatures are supposed to rise, so we may be coming out of this deep freeze. I'll be spending the rest of the day watching football playoffs, enjoying my hand stitching and snacking on a few more cookies.....M