Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The South Shore Quilt

My sister Dori and her husband Rob spend lots of their vacation time in the Maritimes, specifically Nova Scotia, and over the last two summers she has worked on this beauty of a quilt, which she appropriately named The South Shore Quilt.

She started the blocks years ago with the intent of making some baby quilts for a local shelter. After sitting on the blocks for a few years she realized that she had enough to make a full sized quilt.

That gorgeous sashing fabric is Twilight Peony from Amy Butler and she found it in Atlantic Fabrics in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. She remembers the sales clerk looking at her as though maybe she was losing it when she asked her opinion about using it, but she bought it anyway and I think it works beautifully (totally love that fabric!). So, with a little art direction from Benny, she laid it out last summer and put it together last winter in Toronto.

Don't you just love those ears??!

She arranged to have it machine quilted by Lynn Jones when they were out east again this Spring and it is now happily being used on their bed. It's oversized, so apparently no need to fight for the blankets. She needed more of the peony print to bind it with and, as luck would have it, there was still some on the shelf when she went back this Spring.

The back is pieced as well and I think a great complement to the blocks on the front. She has beautiful peonies in her garden so it was nice to be able to get a few pics of it while they were in season. Word is that Benny is still very fond of it. :).....M

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Coming Together

Shortly after I showed you my progress on Country Charmer a few posts ago I finished putting all of the sashing and blocks together, so it's really starting to look like a quilt top.

I laid it out on the bed to see everything together, but also to get a sense of how deep I need to make my borders. I'm still lovin' it!

When I was chatting with Dori about it on the weekend I got to thinking that maybe I should have it quilted and then make that into a duvet cover; need to think on that one some more.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Even though the holidays are still a few months away I've kept it draped over a chair in our bedroom until I get back to it just so that I can enjoy it. The Official Cookie Tester likes it too.

And this is why I haven't yet begun the borders for it. I'm continuing to madly sew nine patch blocks together for my Nantucket border with an eye on the end of the month. It's more than half done and if I had a good block of time that I could sit down at it things would speed along, but I'll take the progress so far.

I'm sewing the border together in sections so that I'm not playing with a huge long piece all the time and I'll eventually join them all. My design wall is a little short for a full quilt so I've just turned under the top pieces, but you get the idea....M

Friday, September 18, 2015

I've Been Holding Out On You

There's not much point in taking photos to share if you don't share them, is there? I've been so Christmas obsessed lately that I totally forgot about wanting to show you Betty's Fruit Salad.

On the Labour Day weekend she had it off the frames and out at the cottage to show us. What. A. Beauty!

It's not bound yet, but it she did manage to snuggle under it on the hammock for a delightful nap. I think it passed the test.

Totally hand pieced and hand quilted, it is a work of art. She has used colour placement perfectly and you just want to keep exploring all of the different fabrics in it.

This is one of the corners - she's done them all in blue and it's a great combination with that fabulous red print that she used for the border.

She worked with the floral design when laying down her quilting pattern in the border. It's almost like a kantha quilt -  intricately stitched with a little boho-leaning feel to it.

I could have taken tons more photos of it - you get totally drawn in by it. I did mean to get a photo with this one together with Jane's version that I showed you a few weeks ago so that you could see them side by side. I'll do that once this one is bound, and I'll also get a full view of it for you. In the meantime, enjoy this riot of colour....M

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nine Patch Boot Camp

Lately its been all nine patches all the time as I work to getting all of the blocks together for my Nantucket border. I guess it was inevitable - that feeling like my shoulder blades were being fused together - because I seem to be spending every spare minute glued to my sewing machine.

To break things up a bit I sewed the remaining four star blocks, so I can scratch all of the stars off of my list.

After a while I think I might have been getting delirious - it almost seemed that the fabric was trying to send me messages...

When I really needed a break I went upstairs and baked a German Apple Cake. I wanted something with either apples or pumpkin and this one looked appealing so I gave it a shot. It's wonderful. With so much apple in it the taste and consistency is even better a day or two on - nice and moist - and its been ages since I've made anything with a cream cheese icing, so this really hit the mark.

Maybe it was the sugar hit that I needed to get me to the finish line, I don't know, but get me there it did. All nine patches are done! Look at all those pretty pink highlights. Love it. I think that there might even be four extra.

Funny, it looks like more on the chart than in the piles. Now to make them into a border....M