Sunday, February 07, 2016

Border(s) Are Next

My  grove of wintery improv trees is now all together, it just needs a border or two.

It will not be a large quilt but it is so white that somehow I cannot see it being used as a throw for the sofa. Maybe I'll change my mind on that, or maybe it will be hung. Either way, I like it as much now as when I started playing with making the trees.

Several of the quilts that I looked to for inspiration included a bird or two, and Dori was lobbying hard for one to be included, but at the end of the day I felt that the stars and the trees were enough. Towards the bottom I did insert a few very subtle improv 'icicles' under one tree to add a little interest, but no birds.

I had planned to make two fairly wide borders on it but I'm leaning now to just one with the white version of this swirl patterned fabric on the right (I used some of the cream in the quilt).

The polka dot fabric on the right was to be the second border but it may well end up being the binding instead.

It's Superbowl Sunday so there will be lots of football on TV today. No more time to play with borders and bindings right now cause I've got a pot of chili to make. May the best team win (even though I'd love for Peyton to go out on a high)!....M

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Sigh Of Relief

You know that 'what keeps you up at night' saying? The one that helps you figure out what you should be tackling first? Well, for some time now yellow has been keeping me awake. More specifically, wondering if I was going to have enough yellow for the sashing for Danuta's Garden.

You'll recall that most of the fabrics that I am using for this quilt were the remnants of the original quilt that mom made approximately 15-20 years ago. That includes the tiny yellow polka dot fabric for the sashing, so to expect that I'd be able to pick up any more now should I need it is a big stretch.

When I started cutting the sashing triangles I totally forgot about needing strips to sit between the stars around the border - I only clued in to that a few months ago. So, rather than dig out my piece of yellow and just figure it out, I just practiced some avoidance behaviour and slowly drove myself crazy. Now that I've picked it up again it's been increasingly difficult to avoid the elephant in the room.

I decided that if I only had enough for the star sashing then I would find a yellow to work in to the sashing for between the nine patch blocks for a slightly more scrappy look. It would take a little figuring, but it was doable. I found two options that would likely work so I set those aside (the one on the left is the yellow that I am using). And Linda very kindly offered me her stash to dig through on the off chance that she had picked some up at the same time; I'd already had my way with Jane's stash, but to no avail.

FINALLY, I just dug out the fabric and solved the puzzle. I've cut all of the star sashings and there's still a good piece left over for the rest of the triangles that I need. Sheesh - no need to worry at all. Gotta wonder why it took me so long to get to it, but it's nice not to have that  rolling around in my head anymore....M

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Out On A Limb

My layout for the winter improv trees is slowly being put together. Because the blocks are not set in a traditional grid it's meant that a little problem solving is in order to figure out the best approach to assembling everything. It's a lot like making a puzzle and I find it easier to do a few seams at a time, walk away and then come back to it.

I'm building out each of the tree blocks with random strips and most of these units are now ready to be sewn together.

There's one little spot where I still have some work to. It's best if you can get straight runs of seams rather than working around little squares like this so I still have some thinking to do.

It helps to make the sashing strips a bit wider than you think you need so that you have extra to play with if you need it.

This little strip will mix thing up a bit so that all of the sashings aren't just long straight strips.

I've really tried to incorporate as many different creams and whites as I had and I like the effect....M

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow White

Soooo much thinking has been going on around the next step for my improv trees. I've pinned and pinned and pinned again. I really like this one but had a simpler snowy notion rolling around in my head.

There's also been lots of sketching.

Just when I think I've settled on a plan another idea comes along. And then, in the most unlikely of places, I settle on the nugget of how to proceed. This. It has the winter feel that I want this little grove to rest in - the trees surrounded by two plain, wide borders very similar in colour and then quilted in random lines across the quilt to suggest the idea of a snowy field (at least that's how I see it!).

Surprisingly, this little quilt is in the Modern Medallion Workbook. I want to try my hand at a medallion one of these days but never imagined finding my inspiration for a snowing quilt here amid all the bright colours and pieced borders. Never assume.

So, I've laid everything out on a large design wall and have been cutting strips/pieces in whites and creams to fit between the trees and stars. I only made one more star since my last post about this quilt because I don't think it needs any more than that.

The variety of tones will add just enough interest - luv those large white polka dots. Once it's all together I'll see if it needs anything incorporated into to the borders but right now I think not. Sometimes you just have to start laying things out and cutting....M