Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Fun With Jane

My last post reminded me of pics that I took the day that Jane came to town for a visit. When we were in my sewing room I caught a glimpse of a quilt top that I'd received after mom passed away. I know that she didn't make the blocks but she may have assembled all or some of the top.

It is made with Square in a Square blocks and has a very vintage vibe.

And some fantastic fabrics in it...

...some a little on the wild side. Love those cheddar cornerstones.

It's been languishing untouched for years so I felt it was time to move it along and get it used.

Jane's table topper: QuiltBee
Jane was working on a quilt that she had started last year but was having challenges getting the next border to fit, so we figured that out and she had it attached before she left. She also showed me this lovely little table topper that she made. Isn't it pretty?

Jane's table topper: QuiltBee
That gorgeous blue teapot print reminds me of her sister Linda, who is a tea fanatic.

Jane's table topper backing: QuiltBee
She used this lovely coordinating fabric to back it with; it's all ready to quilt. Isn't it fun to get caught up on each others projects?...M

p.s. Just a reminder that the giveaway for the Lemoyne Star ruler is still open - the Official Cookie Tester will make the draw is this Saturday.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Happy Spring Giveaway

Lemoyne Star: QuiltBee
The Official Cookie Tester cut the lawn today for the first time this season and that glorious freshly mowed grass fragrance is everywhere. What a wonderful sign of spring and a terrific way to begin our May long weekend. It seemed to set the stage perfectly for a bit of a giveaway.

Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler: QuiltBee
Some time ago Jane and I dropped in on Roberta with a few quilts for her to quilt and had a great visit. We got a peek behind the curtain to see how she works her quilting magic. We also got to see some of the projects she's working on and she sent both of us home with a little gift - the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler. Apparently she had to buy six at a time (!) but she was so keen to try it out that this didn't prove to be an obstacle so she shared the wealth. Long story short, I came home with two - one for me and one to use as a giveaway, so Cocoa and Quilts is our giveaway sponsor 😊.

There are instructions included with the ruler and I was really impressed with how well things went together.

Not one Y seam to be had!

The directions were very well written and, being a leftie, I was happy to see cutting instructions for both right and lefthanders. It took me about an hour from start to finish to make a block, including cutting, but now that I've done it once I know that it would get quicker the more you do.

Lemoyne Star mug rugs: QuiltBee
You can make blocks from 3" to 12" in size. Roberta made about 12 of them at once for mug rugs and is down to about five or six as they make great little gifts. She's thinking that it is probably time to dig the ruler out again and make more, maybe with her Fig Tree stash. They would be gorgeous.

Lemoyne Star: QuiltBee
Mine is an 8" block (I didn't want to start out too small before I knew what I was doing) but I'm thinking that I might make a couple of 7" blocks for potholders for the Holly Bazaar.

scrappy Lemoyne Star: QuiltBee
I've seen this scrappy version on Pinterest which I just adore and would like to see if I could create something similar...

Lemoyne Star quilt block: QuiltBee
and this one that I saw on Craftsy. Drool.

So, if you are keen on the Lemoyne Star block and would like to make this ruler your own, just leave me a comment with what you'd like to make with it; the Official Cookie Tester will draw the winner on May 26. Good luck!....M

p.s. Just to give you a further idea of Roberta's very generous spirit, she recently quilted 20 - yes 20! - quilts for the folks in Humboldt struggling to deal with the aftermath of that fatal bus crash that killed so many of their hockey team. She is part of a small army of quilters worldwide who made and quilted quilts for this effort. They had  hoped to get 200 donated and I believe will have about 1,000 all told. How wonderful.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Puss in the Corner

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
I finished the Puss in the Corner quilt top today in time to get a few pics in the setting sun. It's sweet and will make a nice charity quilt.

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
We're still none the wiser as to where those orphan green blocks came from that started the whole thing - Jane says they didn't come from her. Regardless, they now have a home and are one step closer to being a quilt.

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
It's not huge - about 44 x 60" - but the width should make it easy to find a backing that doesn't need to be pieced. YAY!

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBeeHalf way through assembling it I thought that maybe I should have reversed the use of the polka dot and yellow prints which would have made the yellows stronger but I realized that the example I was working from had the centres in the light print, so that's what I went with. Either way would work.

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
A few corners still need to be trimmed.

There's enough of the blue left to bind it and I'm thinking that the backing needs to be a little red number, so it's time to dig through the stash.....M

Monday, May 07, 2018

Sandy's Smitten, Too

It appears that Sandy has now also fallen under the spell of the hexie, more specifically, paper-pieced hexies. I believe her exact words were 'a little addicted'... She's been following along on my Minnie project and decided it was time to jump in with both feet.

Here's a group shot of her beautiful work to date. I'm loving all of the cream hexies that run through the middle of her diamonds from top to bottom - it's like strings of beads. She just picked up the tan fabric that's in the bottom right corner to pull more of that colour out of the florals. The final design is still a mystery but she's having a ball stitching those diamonds.

And, she recently went to a beautiful quilt show where she saw this vintage stunner during a seminar on antique quilts.

Made in 1878-79, it is stitched from 2,147 hexies and you can see that it was quilted in a very tiny diamond pattern. It's incredible how timeless this pattern is.....M