Friday, May 20, 2016

Quilts For Fort Mac

Seeing the devastation from the wildfires that have ravaged Fort McMurray, Alberta it has been hard to comprehend what people there are going through. More than 10% of the city burned to the ground and the 80,000+ people that have been evacuated are now desperately trying to cope with this incredible loss and imagine rebuilding their lives and their community. Assuming that the fires remain contained and local infrastructure repaired, they are looking to return home in early June, roughly a month after their sudden exodus. It breaks your heart. So when Dori's note about the efforts of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild arrived it was the perfect chance to pitch in and help, even if just a little bit.

Stacey is collecting Maple Leaf quilt blocks to make quilts to send to those who have lost their homes and would be grateful for blocks that you might be able to contribute too. Here's the details:
  • 12.5″ square Maple Leaf quilt blocks (unfinished so they finish at 12″) 
  • Colours can include blue, yellow, green, red and white but two-colour blocks are preferred (i.e., use two of these colours in combination, like blue/yellow); any mix of print or solid fabrics are fine 
  • Use any Maple Leaf pattern you’d like, or make an improvised leaf block - it’s up to you. Here are a few 12.5″ block tutorials:
Please mail blocks by June 30, 2016 to:
    Quilts for Fort McMurray
    c/o Mad About Patchwork
    2477 Huntley Road
    Stittsville ON, K2S 1B8

If you are in the Ottawa area, you can drop blocks off in person at Mad About Patchwork.

Other ways to help:

I used the All Patched Up tutorial and three patchwork leaf blocks came together in short order. The makings of more are on the sewing room table and I plan to have at least six to send along, hopefully more....M

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dipping Into The Candy Dish

I dug into a shopping bag that's been moving around the house lately, deciding that it was time to play with larger hexies, specifically the setting triangles for the borders of my Candied Hexagons. This one has been languishing for about two years now and I'd like to hand quilt it, so just like that it has moved to the top of the list.

All the tools and my grade 10 math skills came into play. When's the last time you used a protractor???

The end result is an incredibly elongated triangle, almost 21" long. The setting triangles for the top and bottom edges are the same mauve as the triangles that separate the hexies throughout the quilt top so I just needed to worry about the pieces for the sides and corners.

During the Boxing Day sales this past January I picked up this fabulous pink piece of Art Gallery fabric. I just love it. There is something about it that really reminds me of my Grandma Coulas - not sure what, but it keeps talking to me.

If you've never felt an Art Gallery fabric I highly recommend seeking one out just so that you can pet it for a bit. Sooooo wonderful! And a dream to stitch with, especially if you are hand sewing. There are 10 triangles and four corners to add and I'm hoping that they don't take as long to finish as it took for me to pick this one up again! ....M

Sunday, May 15, 2016

MMMMM Minnie

Minnie seems to be my go-to project when I need a little inspiration and today was no exception. I sat down to watch some golf from The Players on TV and cleaned up several hexie diamonds that had been in progress, but my very first task was a bit of a scavenger hunt.

This diamond has been sitting near my chair for I don't know how long missing one last hexie. I was convinced that I didn't have any more pink hexies to finish it off and I knew that I didn't have any more of that fabric, so I was toying with taking the last round off and redoing it, but not before one last search. Eureka! I actually found three, which makes me think that they had been set aside for another diamond. I wasted no time sewing it in place only to realize that I needed another one for the tip of the diamond, so another one found a home too.

I pressed five diamonds that I had finished off and then found two more diamonds that needed a little work, so they got finished too.

It was nice to see something coming together, finally.

Here's one where I didn't have three of the same fabric so I used a slightly different one for the centre - it still works. (Recognize your scraps, Jane?)

And the Official Cookie Tester has been asking for a butterscotch pie so I made one of those the other day too. Finally, some productivity!....M

Friday, May 13, 2016

Quilter's Code

There's been lots going on here but none of it quilting - I'm still waiting for that lightning bolt of inspiration to zap me - so I thought I'd share an amusing Pin that my friend Jane sent along. I've come across a few of these codes before but there's lots here that are new to me. I love PIG! It reminds me of a blog post once entitled 'Because Friends Don't Let Friends Knit Out Of Plastic Bags' that shared a pattern for a lovely fabric basket. I think of it often, and of how nice it was for that gal to be so concerned for her friend's knitting experience :).

It has also occurred to me in looking at the list that I'm probably much more educated than I ever imagined because I appear to have multiple PHDs. Any other PHDs out there?....M