Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Night Mail

I headed to Jane's cottage for the weekend based on a weather forecast that was hot and sunny, but much of it ended up wet and rainy. Not to worry - that meant lots of time to sit and work on my Postage Stamp (remember the ripping needed?). It also gave me a chance to get caught up with some of Jane's projects. She has sewn the first strip of the Plaid HST quilt (needs a new name, Jane) that she's working on for her nephew and it continues to be gorgeous.

The necessary ripping out happened on my quilt and then I worked at adding the correct string of blocks.

That went well so it was on to the next row.

Jane noted that it was going to be a huge quilt and I couldn't help but agree. Once the last 4 or 5 rows of blocks were added it would be two thirds complete and it was already a good size. When I got home I thought I'd measure it; already it is about 70 x 100" - certainly no need to make it longer, but adding another 35 inches of width didn't seem to make any sense either.

Time to shift gears. What about making it asymmetrical and adding a column of large, Wonky Stars to one side?

I've been wanting to try this since I saw a similar idea at Blue Elephant Stitches. I figured out how to make a Wonky Star and then was off to the races. Fun!

The blocks will finish at 12" and there will be about 7 of them. Now just to figure out if I take any blocks off the end to make it a little shorter. All in all, this one is headed for the finish line and much, much earlier than I had ever anticipated.....M

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Minnie Break

When I was digging for prints to finish off the appliqué blossom on mom's Dresden Plate I dug through the bag with hundreds of 2" squares that I am using to make my Postage Stamp. I pulled it out thinking that I would switch up some of my hand stitching from Minnie and move this one along a little bit.

I need to finish off one row with 5 blocks to get a straight edge along the bottom of the panel that is sewn so far, so I started there (just below the left side of the area that I've highlighted in yellow). It would have helped if I had looked at the sketch a little closer. I made, and attached, 5 blocks (25 squares in each block) but, after I got it sewn on, I realized that every second block should have had a V of pink/orange squares in it. That's why there are patterns, right? So that we read them, right? Right. Arrrrrgh!

So it's back to the drawing board. All the blocks that I need are now stitched but I haven't yet been able to bring myself to rip out the first set that I did. Soon.

Every time I lay this one out I think I should have done a better job of placing the colours so that the plum and pink squares weaving through the border stand out a little more, but then I catch it from another angle and I think it will be fine. It's a traditional Postage Stamp and made from a zillion scraps so I will content myself with knowing that the pattern is there, even if it is subtle....M

Monday, July 14, 2014

She Beat Me To It

Remember a while back I was musing about starting a pattern that in our circle we call Danuta's Garden? Well, Jane had been thinking the same thing and she's off and running with it.

I have been trying very hard not to follow her lead because there are a few other projects I'd like to finish up, but it's getting harder and harder now that I've seen hers.

She made one of these several years ago, just after we made Danuta's, and likes it so much she's into another. The first one had a predominantly green sashing and this one will have a lovely cream with a swirling yellow pattern.

Oh, and fabulous Kaffe  Fassett fabrics. Lots and lots of Kaffe. Makes you weak at the knees. The mauve in the top block of this photo is a real beauty.

She has started hand sewing her blocks, both stars and 9-patches, and each one seems more beautiful than the last.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago when I was out to the cottage and can only imagine how far along she is with it now. She's speedy at the best of times, but has just come off two weeks of vacation so I'm half expecting to hear that it's all finished :). Not sure how much longer I can practice resolve....M

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Taking a Break from Strips

I'm making good progress on the Sea Glass blocks but needed to play with something other than blue and grey strips for a bit, so I picked up a few of the larger remnant HSTs from Hugs 'n Kisses and made this star.

I'm not sure what the pattern name is but I've seen it a few times lately and thought I'd give it a try. Don't look too closely as the joins are not the best - I should have trimmed all the blocks to the same size before sewing but was too impatient to see it come together. Next one...

It will be 11.5" finished, so considerably larger than the other little blocks that I've been playing with, but works well with the little Churn Dash blocks....M