Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost All Together

Hugs & Kisses blocks are all pressed and coming together.

I used the chain stitching method that I mentioned a while back, sewing columns of blocks together, which creates a loose version of the quilt in rows - it's almost like a duck blind when you hold it up (a very pretty duck blind, mind you). The next step is just sewing the rows together. It's a great way to avoid confusion when putting a top together.

I had visions of lots and lots of pinning because of having to align both the seams and the white strips, but it wasn't that bad, probably because it isn't that large....M


Susan said...

These are not fabrics I would normally choose, but gee they look fantastic together in this quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your beautiful blocks look gorgeous sewn together! This will be a stunning quilt.

Monica said...

It's looking very promising, Marie! I love those fabrics too. Have you said anywhere where you got them? Or have they been in your stash a while?