Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Am So Easily Distracted

Sometimes I think that my mind should just slow down a bit. I was busy working along on cutting and sewing more pinwheels for my Spring Garden border and when it came to the polka dot fabric I took a right turn. This fabric is actually the remains of a sundress from years ago that still has lots of wear in it. I've been wanting to do something with it to move it out of my stash and as I was cutting I got to thinking about a Scnibbles pattern called Spot that I saw done up in two colours recently on the Inspired By Antique Quilts blog. Just loved it. To the point that I thought I might order the pattern.

Just for fun I laid out a few of my pinwheel triangles to see what it might look like.

Then itchy fingers got the best of me and I decided that it would be fun to draw it out, so I did. And then, since the fabric and cutting mat were right in front of me I thought, what the heck, I'll try a sample block.

Well, I now have three together...

...and another three prepped and ready to go. The gingham print in the centre is proving to be interesting because the overlay of cherries and leaves will create lots of different dabs of colour throughout. I'll use it for the corner blocks as well.

The blocks will be 4.5" square when they are finished and I still need to cut the strips and corner blocks that will border these but I think it would be a great little baby quilt. I would like to sew this one by machine but I'll have to get it back from the shop first. I think it might be time to call and see what the status is.  Now, do I work on more 'Spots' or is it back to the pinwheels?...M

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Doniene said...

I love the polka dots! What a great way to use up a treasured dress!!