Thursday, December 08, 2016

Memory Lane

It's always a major milestone when I can say that the Christmas tree is decorated because it tends to take me 3 - 4 days to get it done. But finished it is, and I love it.

My tree tends to look the same year to year - lots of lights and garlands and balls - but I'm good with that. It's a tradition that I hold dear and one that is filled with many, many memories; maybe that's why it always takes so long to get it decorated (that, and having a day job!). So take a little walk down Memory Lane with me.

These large mauve decos are one of about four different sets that anchor my tree and have just enough bling draped over the top to make them dramatic. Just love that colour - you don't see it often.

I've got a box of sweet, tiny, sugar-coated pears and apples that add a bit of interest.

These copper coloured glass acorns have just enough bling to catch the light.

For Christmas many years ago mom gave me a box of these pretty white hearts - they are about 2" tall. I think of her every time I hang one and whenever I look at the tree.

These large deep gold/copper balls weren't expensive (actually, none of my decos were) but they add wonderful colour to the tree.

There are lots and lots of tiny decos that go onto the tree at the end and really give it lots off depth, including a wonderful collection of aqua mercury glass decos that were a gift from Jane. The photo doesn't do the colour justice.

And these lime green balls are beauties as well. I just about cried when I broke one last year attempting to unplug the lights.

Soooo, this year I bought me a Treemote - easy, peasy. Now the only calisthenics that I'll be doing is crawling under the tree to water it. I need to find me a gizmo that will help with that too :)....M


Kate said...

Marie, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Now that it's up you can enjoy it, and sit by it every evening.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Your tree is meaningful and lovely. A treemote! I had to look it up and I need one.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

A beautiful tree - it doesn't take me as long to decorate the tree as you but for me too as I decorate I remember where the decorations came from and what they mean. I have 3 miniature glass bulbs that came from our very first tree 44 years ago, some from the second tree and the third - then came lot that meant nothing LOL - and then more with meaning - the same with things that go up around the house. Some of us like to decorate and others do nothing - one sister of mine says she hasn't bother to decorate for 2 years running now - just doesn't feel like it - I can't picture me ever being like that.

Kyle said...

It's fun to see the ornaments that people put on their trees and the memories that are associated with so many of them. Your tree looks lovely.

Kyle said...

It's fun to see the ornaments that people put on their trees and the memories that are associated with so many of them. Your tree looks lovely.

bettyb said...

Gotta get me one of those Treemotes.

We bought a Fraser Fir this year and I just love it! Love the feel, the look, the scent.

Lots of memories, too. Taking it down is the hard part, so let's enjoy the going up and real-time.