Saturday, July 23, 2016

Changing Channels

We headed out on a short summer road trip earlier this week and I decided that taking Minnie along to work on in the car would be easier than trying to wrestle with Danuta's Garden, so I hurriedly cut enough hexies to do a ring around three four-diamond hexie pieces that were already together.

There were lots of good intentions but I spent so much time being navigator and taking in the sights that the pieces never left the bag. Yesterday, after everything was unpacked, I spent the afternoon working on the first one.

It's been ages since I've sewn on this one but it's like an old friend - very easy to reconnect with.

Our travels took us into Skaneateles in the Finger Lakes District of New York State. What a gorgeous area - we are already looking forward to a return visit or two.

It is set at the north end of the lake tucked in amid scenic rolling fields of corn and wheat and we thoroughly enjoyed boat a tour of the lake.

We did a day trip into Ithaca and enjoyed a stroll around the Cornell campus, a visit to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and lunch at the famed Moosewood Restaurant (we're not vegetarians, but when in Rome...). They are having a very dry summer so all the lawns are parched but I'm certain that it would be even nicer when everything is green.
And, (quel surprise!) there's even a quilt shop or two. Just before we rolled into Skaneateles we came across Patchwork Plus whose claim to fame is having 9,000 bolts to choose from. It is a beautiful shop - very organized and incredibly neat. I was totally overwhelmed so the only thing that came home with me was these three pieces.

I thought that it was quite cute how they tied it all up with a strip of batik....M


Ada Kopitopoulou said...

I went to Athens a few days ago to stay with my pregnant daughter. Took a box with hexies, fabric, carton etc. with me. Haven't opened the box yet!!
I get overwhelmed when I am in the States or Holland visiting quilt shops. In Greece there are hardly any shops and they have very limited fabrics. So when I go abroad it's like being in paradise. But what to choose????

Kyle said...

That's an area I would love to explore. Hope your lunch was tasty. Now if you hadn't taken your piecing you would have had loads of time. Looks like you were in a dotty spotty mood.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

You work in such beautiful fabrics and I love your latest finds. What a gorgeous area to explore. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

I love those new fabrics, especially the dots in the round! Looks like a very pretty trip all around!

Brenda Peplinskie said...

Hi Marie - I originally hail from Barry's Bay and really enjoy your blog! I visited Patchwork Plus several years ago and hope to head back there again sometime. My sister and I (we're allowing our husbands to tag along too) are heading on a road trip next Saturday to take in the Grand Rapids, MI quilt festival, a quick stop in Frankenmuth and Chicago, as well as as many quilts shops as we can find! Can't wait!!

Louise said...

My old stomping grounds, there! Thanks for sharing a few photos to take me down memory lane...