Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Sigh Of Relief

You know that 'what keeps you up at night' saying? The one that helps you figure out what you should be tackling first? Well, for some time now yellow has been keeping me awake. More specifically, wondering if I was going to have enough yellow for the sashing for Danuta's Garden.

You'll recall that most of the fabrics that I am using for this quilt were the remnants of the original quilt that mom made approximately 15-20 years ago. That includes the tiny yellow polka dot fabric for the sashing, so to expect that I'd be able to pick up any more now should I need it is a big stretch.

When I started cutting the sashing triangles I totally forgot about needing strips to sit between the stars around the border - I only clued in to that a few months ago. So, rather than dig out my piece of yellow and just figure it out, I just practiced some avoidance behaviour and slowly drove myself crazy. Now that I've picked it up again it's been increasingly difficult to avoid the elephant in the room.

I decided that if I only had enough for the star sashing then I would find a yellow to work in to the sashing for between the nine patch blocks for a slightly more scrappy look. It would take a little figuring, but it was doable. I found two options that would likely work so I set those aside (the one on the left is the yellow that I am using). And Linda very kindly offered me her stash to dig through on the off chance that she had picked some up at the same time; I'd already had my way with Jane's stash, but to no avail.

FINALLY, I just dug out the fabric and solved the puzzle. I've cut all of the star sashings and there's still a good piece left over for the rest of the triangles that I need. Sheesh - no need to worry at all. Gotta wonder why it took me so long to get to it, but it's nice not to have that  rolling around in my head anymore....M


marina said...

Well done Marie!
I do like those other yellows you found too. Great that you have enough of your original yellow spot.

Kyle said...

Glad it all got figured out. Your additions would have looked good too. Not sure why we do that to ourselves. Oh, well, at least it was a mental challenge and kept all those neuron pathways engaged. :0)

Anonymous said...

Ah Marie, the ruminating is all part of the process. Happy it's resolved. Onwards and upwards. I am finally coming to the end of the 393 4-patch squares I need for the sashing and have to dig out my other pieces to see if I made the stars yet--been so long--can't recall. I doubt I have, and if not, they are next along with putting together the little 4-patches to form the sashing. This is a labor of love, but loving it and the finished product is sure to be wonderful as well. The purple/green version Janie made is by far one of my favorite quilts that she has made and will be happy to have my version in pastels. Yours in quilting and life in general, love to you, Lindiana xo

audrey said...

We usually make a problem out to be bigger in our mind than it actually is. So great to see you get it figured out so well.:)