Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Cheer, Part Two

Roberta made my day last Saturday when she left a message that Nantucket was quilted, so I wasted no time in going to pick it up. I was anxious to see not only the quilting (which again, is perfection) but the toile as the backing. It turned out beautifully.

That feathered swirl is just so lovely - I think I could see myself using it on almost every quilt that I make. Just a second -- I think I have!

It's great to see it skipping across the large red stars and more subtly on the cream and white fabrics.

Someone commented recently on a post that all reds do go together, and I think that this quilt is a great example of that.

I've been feverishly working through my decorating and baking list so that I can sit down and start binding both this one and Country Charmer. The tree is now up and decorated (whew!) and there are only a few recipes left on the baking list, so I'm thinking that by the weekend I should be in the binding business.


Susan said...

Such a great feeling to see a beautiful quilt almost finished. I agree about red fabric, my DJ blocks have lots of different reds and they do work well together.

Kyle said...

An awesome finish!

Doniene said...

Oh My!!! Nantucket and Country Charmer are absolutely gorgeous!!! What wonderful finishes, especially just in time for Christmas!