Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter White

My niece Julia recently moved into her first home (such a sweet place!) so mom Betty has been busy helping make it a cozy little nest. Years ago I had made a duvet cover for Julia that looked like a quilt so the hunt was on for a pattern that could be used for a new duvet cover.

Julia liked the feel of a quilt but wanted something quite simple and sophisticated. She also wanted a very subtle colour palette and nothing that was too 'girly'.

They pulled together a collection of subtle greys and creams, including grey linen. Keeping the need for clean and simple lines in mind, Betty used the Moda Love pattern - a great, oversized quilt block that nicely shows off the fabrics. Love the scale. This pattern has lots and lots of possibilities.

It won't be quilted - it will stay as it was finished. I'm thinking of making a duvet cover for our bed but I think I'd quilt it - not sure. It looks great as it is.

It was backed with this pretty blue/grey floral that I've had on the shelf for a while - absolutely love it. The huge floral is a beautiful complement to the subtle prints without making it too feminine or frilly.

Such a beautiful housewarming gift and something that they will treasure for many years, I'm sure.....M


Susan said...

What a great finish. I have made a quilt top into a doona cover before, it works really well.

audrey said...

Beautiful! I love the subtle colors with that floral backing.:) My sisters and I made our parents a patchwork pieced duvet color years ago. It's actually very fun to do. Something that helps keeps the duvet color from slipping is if you sew a bit of sturdy string to each corner of the duvet and attach it somehow in the inside corner of the duvet cover.

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