Saturday, February 28, 2015

Setting Her Sails

Anne, Jane and Linda spent a weekend at Jane's cottage a short while back stitching and crafting, braving the chilliest temps that we've had all winter together, and Anne was able to snap a few photos of the sailboat baby quilt that Linda just finished for her new grandson, Logan. It's adorable!

The prints are all so graphic and cheery. He will enjoy hours of fun looking at it when he should probably be napping.

The backing is a cute collection of sea creatures and a perfect choice. Jane described the quilt as being everything that you see at sea, both above and below the sea, which I think captured it perfectly.

Such a sweet collection of fabrics. I'm still totally lovin' the green print in the sail on the right side of this boat; the green button print beside it isn't half bad either, or are those polka dots. Such a talented grammy.....M


marina said...

gorgeous Quilt!
love the backing fabric.

Chantal said...

I agree. It is a very cheery and sunny quilt. Just what we need this week, something to warm us and cheer us up!! Wonderful work Linda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie for this post. So enjoyed making this quilt for my grandson Logan. The colors make it so cheerful. Linda

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this quilt that Mum made! SO bright and cheery! Logan will have many sweet dreams under this adorable quilt! Allie