Saturday, October 11, 2014


Pumpkin pie is the Official Cookie Tester's favourite, hands down, and this Thanksgiving he will have lots of pumpkin to choose from as I've been trying out a few new recipes.

When we were at Fibrefest we enjoyed a pumpkin cheesecake brownie at lunch. It reminded me of a recipe that I got from my good friend Rhonda years ago - Betty Beeble's Brownies - only these had pumpkin in them. Pumpkin and chocolate. Oh my! My mission in life for the last month has been to find a recipe, and find it I did.

The recipe makes a nice big pan, which was a bonus; I opted not to top it with the walnuts but might give that a try some day. I think I'd put them right into the chocolate batter though rather than sprinkling them on top.

And, because I had leftover pumpkin and cream cheese I tried a new Pumpkin Squares recipe from Lucy Waverman, basically a pumpkin pie filling overtop a shortbread crust, drizzled with a cream cheese frosting. These are fantastic! and both the crust and the filling can be made in the food processor, which is a bonus.

Finally, inspired by my talented niece Julia, I made these little paper pumpkins for the table using a circular paper punch. I trimmed about 1/8" from the bottom of each circle before I sewed them together so that they would sit flat on the table.

They are just about 2 1/2" high and I've got a box of them ready to take to dinner tonight.

So between the pies and the brownies and the squares and the table decos, I think we're covered on the pumpkin front. Happy Thanksgiving everyone; we have so much to be thankful for....M

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Shelley said...

I LOVE all things pumpkin so of course I was moved to comment on this post. The foods look delicious and little paper pumpkins are adorable :) I've been looking for an excuse (any excuse really) to buy myself a sizzix or other die cutting machine, so I'll add this little project to my list of excuses! Thanks