Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Iron Maiden

This is where I've spent a fair bit of time lately. Not a bad little corner really, especially now that I have hung one of the beautiful heart garlands that my niece Julia made me, but let me back up a bit.

My ironing board sits to the right of my chair in the sewing room at table height, making for easy pressing. For quite some time now this has been the view from my chair - just beyond the iron the trimmings from Hugs and Kisses, which I would play with occasionally, and then piles of flying geese. They have been perched on the far end, waiting for me to have the urge to spend some quality time with the iron. You know how it is - you have to be in the mood. I knew it would happen, so I just enjoyed seeing them there as I worked on other stuff.

Now that Sea Glass is at the quilter's I was anxious to work with more colour. I tend to leave my projects in piles around the room so that I remember to pick them up again (when they get put into a drawer they don't have a chance), so I didn't have to look too far to have my choice of something to do. Bonus - the pattern was there too!

So I spent a fair bit of time pressing open the seams and trimming the sections that are pieced - most of them are in units of 6 or 8. Not until I was almost finished did I realize it would probably make things easier if I pressed all the green seams in one direction and all the red in the other, so it's back to the board before I begin to put them together.

That hot mess that you see behind the pile of trimmings is a scrap of batting that I used to keep my cutting board clean - it looks like heck but works like a charm....M


Susan said...

It's a very inviting little corner Marie. Piles of blocks in process appeal to me too. Good idea with the batting.

Kyle said...

Your garland is super cute and it looks like you've got a new idea.

Chantal said...

That garland is such a sweet little touch. I love it. When I get a lot of press to do, I do it infront of the TV. I lower my ironing board so it is at the right height when sitting down and I press away. It makes pressing big quilts so much more pleasant. Enjoy!