Sunday, June 08, 2014

'Bee'-u-tiful Finds

One of our favourite things to do in Niagara-on-the-Lake is to get up and go for a long walk before breakfast (can you say freshly baked croissants?!). The gardens are always so beautifully done and the streetscape some of the loveliest that you will ever see. I also like to take full advantage of the fact that we were near two really wonderful quilt shops (which is code for 'I bought more beautiful fabric'), both of which have 'bee' themed names.

My first stop was in Virgil, at The Modern Bee's new location. This is not the largest quilt shop in the world by any means, but I think it has the best fabric selection that I've seen. They don't buy full fabric lines, but instead select the pieces that work with other fabrics in their shop, and they do a beautiful job of it. I went looking for blues and greys and came away with these gorgeous little goodies. Don't you love those radishes? Thank you Martha Negley!

The next day it was off to The Quilting Bee in Font Hill. This is the shop where I bought my sewing machine last year and it is fantastic. The staff are all so lovely and the selection makes it hard to come away with only a few things. The last time I was there they gave me a free Creative Grid 2 x 6" non-skid ruler, just for showing up, and I like it so much that I bought two new ones - a 12" and a 24". The fact that it's getting hard to see the lines on my current rulers sort of helped that decision.

I also found this great print. Not sure what it will be for yet, but it was on half price, so 8 metres followed me home.

I picked up a few more pieces for Minnie...

and Kaffe Fasset fabrics were 40% off, so I found a few of those that I liked too. It was hard to pick just three (the dots aren't Kaffe).

What I was really looking for, believe it or not, were shades of light blue and grey; instead I came home with all of these gorgeous, saturated colours. I did manage to get some blues and greys too, but will show them to you the next time....M

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Susan said...

Very appropriate shop names for you to visit, and lots of lovely purchases. I often come home with lots of things that weren't on my list.....oh well, you'll have to go shopping again!