Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Need To See It

Because I fret so much about how to quilt my quilts I tend to need to draw out the stitching pattern before making my final decision, so Sunday was spent with pen and paper in hand.

This is the final plan. Most, but not all of the pieces in the block will be outlined with a 1/4" quilting line then I'll stitch right next to the block's edge. For the alternating 4-piece blocks I'm going to stitch vertical lines 1 1/2" apart.

There is a nice picot border in pink & cream so I'll stitch on the cream just where the pink & cream meet and then run two lines of stitching from the base of each picot to the edge of the quilt. I always think of this as a small quilt but it's 82" x 94", so it's no shrimp.

It's all marked now so the gals will get a call today and hopefully they are happily stitching later this week....M


Monica said...

I hate marking quilts. But, how nice that the bee will quilt it for you! It'll be gorgeous when it's all done. :D

Kyle said...

Better to make changes on paper than a redo on the quilt!