Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jane Had a Finish Too

In addition to Betty's beautiful Five Dollar Quilt finish at the cottage this weekend Jane showed us a quilt that she had just finished. It's a delicate and lovely Nine-Patch that she just had recently been hand quilted by her niece, Sheila.

It has a very vintage feel, which is so Jane, and is perfect in her newly painted dusty mauve bedroom. She's got it on her white wrought iron bed with a lovely selection of pillows and it just invites you to take a nap. So traditional.

A strip of dreamy green with pink roses surrounds the pink setting triangles around the edge, along with another row of four-patches on the point.

The white fabric is a collection of tone-on-tone whites so it adds to the lacey feel of it. It's all pieced by hand.

If you look closely at the pillow selection you'll see that she wants only the best for her friends....:)

And, while we were all busy ooooohing and aaaaaahing over this one, she casually draped a second beauty overtop. It's the delicate pastel floral Snowball that she was working on this winter.

Now it has a wonderful row of scrappy flying geese all round (see, she really was paying attention when I gave her that tutorial) along with a strip of yet another gorgeous pink floral print.

If I'm not mistaken, there will be one or two additional borders added before it is finished, but it is close to the final size. It will be sooo easy to have sweet dreams under these beauties...M

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