Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Late

Remember back in July I shared these two star blocks that I was shipping off to Amitie Textiles in Australia to use in creating a charity quilt?

It was to be auctioned off and the proceeds were to go towards a foundation that works to eradicate human trafficking. Seeing these blocks again reminds me of how much I love that pink and orange combo.

Well, the quilt has been assembled and it is beautiful so I thought that you might like to see it. Isn't it amazing how the variety of interpretations all works.

And that backing fabric - LOVE IT!

Jen at Amitie Textiles posted shots of the completed quilt back in mid November and has more photos in her post - take a look. It was quite exciting to know that my little blocks were part of something so far away and lots of fun to try and find my blocks in the photos....M


Brandie said...

That is gorgeous! And I really mean it. I never would have thought I'd like all those colors together and Kaffe's too. But I love it! That backing fabric is splendid! Remind me of this color combo next time I bring out my muddy colors.

Maureen said...

LOVE this quilt. I love pink and orange together and the variety really makes this quilt.

Anonymous said...

Marie, I love this quilt too. Did you find your blocks? I don't see them, but I'm sure you found them! jane